Tiree & Coll

The view North from Beinn Hough

This is the view north-east from the northern top of Beinn Hough (119m). In the centre of the picture is Loch Bhasapoll - the perfect place to learn to windsurf - knee/thigh depth water for ~15% of its area in the extreme left of the picture, deeper water to the right. The group of white buildings above the left end of the loch is the school. How many kids do you know who are lucky enough to get windsurfing as part of the curriculum! The loch is also a safe haven when the wind exceeds gale force and sea-sailing becomes impossible. Beyond the loch is deep inlet of Balephetrish Bay with its offshore reefs. Balephetrish is almost always flat even in gale force winds, but the waves that break on the reefs can be of gargantuan proportions. On the horizon on the left half of the shot are some of the white sand beaches on the neighbouring island of Coll.

All photographs © Gavin Shaw