Suilven from Canisp

© Gavin Shaw 2004

~9:30am 10 October 2004. Having camped overnight just below the summit of Canisp, the morning didn't bring the forecast clear anticyclonic weather. At dawn there was the gentle patter of drizzle on the flysheet. After a leasurely breakfast I sat waiting on the boulders SW of the summit in the hope of a break in the uniform cloud base, but to no avail. I eventually packed up the tent and made my way off the hill toward the shoulder south of the summit, at which point the sun started to angle through the gap below the cloud base. I quickly set up the tripod and grabbed a few shots of the sunlight angling across Suilven, of which this shot was the best.

The view across to Suilven from Canisp is foreshortened with the use of a 300mm lens and allows the profile of the Harris and Lewis hills to be seen across The Minch. The Shiant Isles sit just in front of Roineabhal, 120km distant,  ~1/5 of the way across the the left edge of the picture. Clisham is the highest top above the horizon, above the lowest point on Suilven's ridge. In the full size image it's possible to make out the dry stone dyke running across the ridge to the right of the col, and the gap in the wall where at some point there was probably a gate!