Panoramic Scotland

The pictures on these pages were all taken during or after June 2002, when I first ventured into the world of panoramic medium format photograhy. At the moment this part of the website is in it's early days. I have quite a few more transparencies to scan and thousands more still to create!

Whilst these pictures give some idea of the true scene, there's no way a computer monitor can fully reveal or immerse you in the vast depth of detail that exists in the original images. The best presentation medium is really a 1 - 2 metre wide print which can completely fill your field of view and let you see everything from a bright grain of sand or lichen detail on a rock, to footprints in the snow half a mile away.

All photographs © Gavin Shaw 2003

Can you see 20 gradations from black to white? If not, your monitor brightness/contrast/gamma needs adjustment.


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