Uisgneabhal Mor & Teileasbhal from Mulla-Fo-Dheas

© Gavin Shaw 2006

Leverburgh & Sound of Harris from Bhioseabhal

11:50am Friday 9th June 2006.

Friday 9th turned out to be the warmest day of my 2 week stay on Harris. The temperature must have been into the upper 20's celsius for my walk around part of the Clisham horseshoe. The collection of 15 photos that make up this extreme panoramic shot were taken a little west of the summit of Mulla-Fo-Dheas. Beinn Luskentyre just makes it into the shot on the left, with Toe Head and Taransay just to the right. The two central peaks are Uisgneabhal Mor and Teileasbhal, with Ullabhal in the gap between them. On the right is the continuation of the Clisham horsehoe with Mulla-Fo-Thuath and Mullach an Langa.