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Temperature inversion across the Lairig Ghru from Ben Macdui, 12 Dec 2009

White fogbow in front of Ben MacDui, 12 Dec 2009

Looking north up Sron Riach, 12 Dec 2009
Loch Etchachan Panoramic Photo 22 Aug 2009

Glen Derry 22 Aug 2009

Coire Sputan Dearg 22 Aug 2009

A long way from Lochnagar

The Southern Cairngorms from Carn Bhac

Beinn A' Ghlo shrouded in cloud

Coire Sputan Dearg, Cairngorms, 9 Sept 2006

Central Buttress, Lochnagar
Running the Gauntlet, Lochnagar
Black Spout, Left Branch
Devil's Point
Beinn A' Ghlo
Beinn Mheadhoin
Lurcher's Crag
Shelter Stone Crag
Lochnagar from The Stuic

DCG & Bhuird
Coire Sputan Dearg
Cairn Toul
Sron Riach
Hazy Summer Morning
Image A-1 Bynack Lodge
Image A-15 Lochnagar from Meikle Pap
Image A-11 Lochnagar, Tough-Brown Ridge
Image A-81 Balfour, 1 Gully South of Black Spout
Image A-80 Walkers making their way to Cac Carn Beag
Image A-13 Lone walker returning towards Cac Carn Mor
Image A-14 The Stuic from Cac Carn Beag, Lochnagar
Image A-38 From Derry Cairngorm to Sron Riach and Cairn Toul
Image N-49 West from Ben MacDhui
Image N-18 Coire Sputan Dearg
Image A-39 Looking North up Glen Derry
Image N-22 Glen Derry in Midwinter
Ben MacDui from Beinn A' Chaorainn
Image A-42 Ben Avon across Beinn a' Bhuird
Image N-19 Coire Etchachan (?!)
Image N-33 Loch Wharral